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Full event recording of PANEL 2: Technology for Currency Hedge Funds



PANEL 2: Technology for Currency Hedge Funds

About this panel:
With financial markets seeing trading costs drop dramatically over the years, many more hedge funds have entered the space. Additional entrants have brought with them more venues, more models and more technology innovation. Hedge funds greatly benefit from technology efficiencies by shortening the time-to-market, improving efficiency and margin management, decreasing trading costs and optimizing liquidity management. During this panel, experts from the field of technology discussed technology solutions such as sophisticated front-office solutions that help achieve market-beating, risk-adjusted returns, as well as automated and integrated middle, and back-office infrastructures that deliver the operating and compliance efficiencies hedge funds need to control costs and maintain their profitability in an era of tightening fees:

What you will get:
The full panel event recording (video format, length: 01:01:51) and the presentation in readable PDF format

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